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Savor Gay BDSM Sex Scenes 15 000 Words Long! The Titillating Sex Secrets Of True Dominance and Submission… Revealed In Novels From A Real Life Dom.”

If you’ve always dreamed of incredibly hot gay love stories that will demand you take some alone time as you read, then Guardian Demon Series will get your blood pumping!


  • Well, firstly because you like men and love reading about them.

Yes, regardless your gender, you’ve found me… precisely for this reason. Maybe you typed in gay fiction, gay books or gay BDSM into your browser. And something on this page grabbed you by your lapels and hasn’t allowed you to leave.

If you’re a man, you likely are here to experience a fantasy. And you crave a story that ain’t for the fainthearted. Because it’ll allow you to identify yourself with the men on the pages, to admire them… and to fall for them. Laugh not, it has happened to me and many other men who have read my books.

“I was again swept away by the tidal wave of emotions, overwhelmed by pain and joy that were not my own but became so, and downright enthralled by every single word.” Damian, about In Blue Poppy Fields Part 1

“It has been years since I devoured a novel as I did In Blue Poppyfields (pts I & II). To say ‘I loved it’ is such an understatement! Woweeewow, is more like it!” David, about In Blue Poppy Fields Part 1&2

You might not believe me until our world sucks you in on the very first page to rock you like a sea storm. You hurt, I know. Your muscles tremble in real exhaustion you live through together with my men. You fear and try to hide it behind your pride. Just like they do. You fight your way forward like a stubborn conquistador. In a seemingly never ending struggle. For lust and love. Sometimes for your bare life as our world is mean, dark and at times gory. Still… you love every minute of this battle. For to stay alive after your brush with death, to lust after your partner(s), to love and be loved in return… these three forces make a life worth living.

In our world they pummel you so hard that they knock your breath out of you. Until you find it again in a gasp as your companion touches you in desire. You feel him stroking you, kissing you, edging you over and over again, bringing you to bliss so expertly that your legs quiver in wordless begging for an orgasm, and your tool threatens to burst with tension building toward a mad release like an ocean wave builds its power far away from the shore. It rumbles in your blood, rushing you until you’re hot and in sweat all over your body. Until your partner pushes you over the edge. Into breathless ecstasy.

I could ask if you liked it… but you keep reading my words because you love, love, love:

  • Detailed sex scenes with men struggling to overcome mind-blowing releases

I’ve let you taste just a little, I know. But I’m not kidding. There is a 15-thousand-word-long sex scene in In Blue Poppy Fields novel. Packed with dominance and submission, pleasure and pain. Do you dare to join five demons and a vampire in their play longer than many works marketed as novellas?

My lady, I haven’t forgotten you in the least. *bows to kiss your hand*

Much of what I’ve said so far has spoken to your desires too. You’re fed up with heterosexual romance. You’re sick and tired of reading about bad-ass heroines stomping on people, and you shudder at the idea of meeting yet another damsel in distress in just any book. They’ve made you scream in your mind. But all the louder. They’ve made you squirm and maybe ignited a desire to kill them, should the antagonist somehow fail to do so.

And you’ve always preferred reading about men anyway. They make a story more emotionally and physically satisfying for you. When you’re cuddled up with the right book for you, your blood pumps madly in your veins, the temperature in your bedroom goes up, your breath rasps in your throat as you read. Such is the power of raw desire.

  • And again, no matter whether you’re a man or a woman, you don’t want just sexy scenes even if gay BDSM tickles your senses. You demand more. You yearn to experience dominance and submission… in the company of complex men.

Here is what people say after finishing Guardian Demon books:

“For those wanting to go on an emotional ride, a pleasurable yet painful ride, and for those looking for unforgettable characters, this book is for you.” A. Earles, about Trails of Love I Crawl Part 1

“Once I started reading it I could not put the book down until I had finished it; and was saddened when it was done because I loved the characters so much I didn’t want to let them go.” Starry, about Trails of Love I Crawl Part 1

It sounds tempting, yes? But you’ve read a way too many stories that were hot and offered none or close to none plot that you’re weary now.

  • Along with scorching sex you want a great plot that will keep you glued to the pages. And you’ll find it in Guardian Demon Series.

“It definitely kept me interested, and there were a lot of surprises I didn’t see happening.” Bec, about Trails of Love I Crawl Part 1.

“I was left with my mouth open and wanting to know what happens next.” Romance Reader Enthusiast, about In Blue Poppy Fields Part 1 (it’s a two-part book)

“Throne for The Idol is a fast-paced short story filled with passion and emotion. Author Ciaran Dwynvil has written a beautiful poetic tale of star crossed lovers.” Compulsion Reads, about Throne for the Idol

  • And finally, you want it all to be told by a bard whose voice you’ll love.

“In Blue Poppy Fields is amazing. Simply amazing. The description and thought that Ciaran put into it kind of blows my mind.” TrulyGreat, about In Blue Poppy Fields Part 1

“This book is a masterpiece, a written work of art that paints pictures more vivid that the brightest colors and will move your heart and soul with the beauty of the tale it tells.” Jade, about Trails of Love I Crawl Part 1

“Throne For The Idol is the prequel to Ciaran Dwynvil’s Guardian Demon Series of Gay Paranormal Fantasies; and I have to say…it is fabulous.” Jessie Lansdel, about Throne for the Idol

“I have been a great fan of Ciaran Dwynvil’s work for several years. He is the sovereign of his genre.” David, about Trails of Love I Crawl Part 1 (and well, about Yours Truly)

  • Plus: Reading my books you can be sure that what I write about when it comes to dominance and submission reflects personal experience with reactions of a male body.

I’m a Dom. I’ve done it all to my boys (no worries, all of them were adults when we played), so I know how it feels to deal pleasure and pain. I tested the impact of my tools on myself, and I wasn’t lazy to speak to my partners about their feelings and sensations. That’s why I understand my benefactors (characters) so perfectly. And that’s why I can paint their experiences for you vividly.

This is what you’ll encounter on the pages of my books: anal sex, oral sex, masturbation, multiple partners, medical procedures in erotic and non-erotic context, BDSM: D/s, S/M – both erotic play and corporal punishments: paddling, caning, spanking, figging, enema, sounding, public humiliation, light bondage.

If anything grosses you out, I’m sorry to have disappointed you. Goodbye and have a nice life.

If you’re still here, curious and intrigued, why not to try one book in the series out and see how you like it? It’s a real bargain. You can have two books from the series for a price of one ticket to the movies. And you’ll gain hours and hours of reading pleasure.

Here is a link to the first book in the series. Click it to own it now and have a blast reading it.

Ciaran, your bard of gay erotic paranormal fantasy

P.S.: “I can only hope the next book is released very soon; for I am ready to throw myself at the feet of this author and beg for more of this delicious treat he has allowed me to taste.” Starry, about In Blue Poppy Fields Part 1 (What ho! The dom in me rejoices)

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