thronefortheidolfinal (2)Prequel: Throne for the Idol

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Let the tale carry you to the Lindisfarena Monastery to witness a dark romance between Brother Rikard and High Demon Semiazas, the First of the Fallen.
A chaste virgin and a devoted servant to Maker, Rikard leads a quiet life in the monastery until the days of his sexual awakening. Haunted by desires he can’t name yet, he finds a release for his suppressed longing in music.
The low, dark, tortured tones coaxed forth by his fingers fill Semiazas’ ears with an urgent, irresistible, red call. In different red than blood this call pulses, and Semiazas can’t resist the strange allure of a misalliance with a mortal man.
A single kiss, so unlike anything either of them has expected, sets events in turbulent motion. Rikard’s ultimate surrender to his dark idol is just a question of time. But there is only one punishment his order has for those who leave Maker’s path. Death.
Will Semiazas save Rikard? Find out in this story that interweaves dark fantasy and romance that will make your heart beat faster.

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Unalloyed Love300Book 1: Unalloyed Love Part 1

In a world where Light and Darkness gave birth to the Skies and the Void, to the Earth and the Waters; in a world where the first betrayal tore them apart and robbed them of their home, Darkness has been waging war on their blood children for four thousand years. When High Demon Belial embarks on the quest to understand an unalloyed power that may give his liege lord Darkness the final victory, Archangel Endingale will do anything to destroy the unknowing mortals who hold the first key to Belial’s enlightenment and true understanding of the powers of Love.
Master Viktor, a tortured murderer who has escaped justice, has built a new, respectable life for himself as the Reformer in a Reformatory for Young Gentlemen.
Wild and stubborn Amedee, Baron Drakeson’s grandson, acquiesces to a stay in Master Viktor’s institution only with reluctance, but his latest betrothal gone awry in a most unfortunate manner doesn’t give him any other option.
Haunted by concealed guilt, Master Viktor recognizes signs of torments that Amedee holds locked deep inside, and sets out to cleanse his new ward’s invisible festered wound. As he takes control over his ward’s body and carnal urges, Amedee’s heart is touched too. When shy affection is born, Master Viktor at last cuts open the source of Amedee’s pain and guilt.
But can their feelings blossom into true love? Will they and their bond survive the destruction unleashed by Archangel Endingale?

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UnalloyedLovePart2Final300Book 2: Unalloyed Love Part 2

Amedee’s and Viktor’s world is spinning in a wild whirlwind that buffets them without mercy. On the run, faced with lack of resources and pain stemming from the clash of Amedee’s stubborn bravery with Viktor’s perceived cowardice, they conceive a dangerous plan. Amedee will get sold as a pleasure-slave, Viktor will collect the payment and will help him escape from slavery as soon as Amedee gains his master’s trust.
Disturbed by their desperate intentions, High Demon Belial keeps them both under his protection. Subtle it must be as he is bound by his liege lord’s command to allow them to reach their destiny.
Fate is upon their heels when constant hardship awakens a dormant ability in Amedee’s soul. In his dreams and nightmares, he sees the past. As his visions grow more intense and vivid, it becomes clear that a part of him lives in a bygone time. Another life, with another man. With the man who buys him as a pleasure-slave.
Count Kemen Morgan has never left the past. Possessed by the lost soul of a High Priestess of Endingale’s cult, he has never died. Patiently, he has been waiting for his lover’s return for three hundred and fifteen years. When his impossible dream comes to its fulfillment, fear and hope war over his soul. Hoping for the new dawn with Amedee, he lives his days in dismay that he shall be his lover’s doom as he was three hundred and fifteen years ago. The High Priestess sprawling in his tormented mind has not lost any of her then bloodthirst.
The new constellation grants Archangel Endingale a perfect opportunity to destroy all three men in one act. To her, Amedee, Viktor, and Kemen are but pawns in a cruel game they cannot win.
Will her machinations succeed or will love triumph over death? What will Belial learn about the power of Love, the strangest god of all?

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Book 3: In Blue Poppy Fields Part 1

The 2nd Runner Up in the Rainbow Awards 2013 (LGBT Erotica cat.)

A victim to another man’s cruelty, talented and beautiful theater actor Adhemar Lebeau learned not to trust and not to love anybody but himself. Falsely accused of his master’s murder, he has to accept assistance of mysterious Count Sanyi Arany to later discover his savior is a vampire. Forced both by a fatal illness and aftershocks of torture experienced during his unjust imprisonment, Adhemar agrees to the only possible cure. Rebirth.
Healed in body but not in mind, he guards his independence, free will and heart. He is not able to give love, only the fulfillment of lust. Yet, satiation of sensuous longing is not enough for his Sire and he knows it. When an eerie malady strikes and seems to deplete Sanyi’s life power for unknown reasons, Adhemar understands his fears and agrees to keep a street whore, Reyach, as a pleasure-boy for both of them in hope it will soothe the unspoken worries.
Out of necessity he finds himself in the role of the only hunter in their fellowship, and out of attachment he accepts the responsibility readily. Indulgence in blood and carnal pleasures fill his nights and vampiric powers give him the feeling of safety. Until the evening when he carelessly falls prey to High Demon Belial’s plays that quickly turn into more than either of them has bargained for.
In spite of a hard start, Adhemar feels burning urge deep in his heart and no matter how much he denies it, the cause of the strange sensation is a budding seed of affection brought to life by the insufferable demon. But letting Adhemar learn to love somebody other than him is not what seemingly innocent Reyach plans.

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inbluepoppyfieldspart2standardBook 4: In Blue Poppy Fields Part 2

When wildfire of passion belts through your veins, there is little you can do to avoid being burnt to cinders. Vampire Adhemar knows it but still resists the urge to call the insufferable demon who ignited his private wildfire of lust and need.
Not even when one of his hunts ends in a darkened warehouse where he wakes up with a drug-induced splitting headache, bound by ropes and about to be sacrificed to one man’s revenge, does he consider calling Belial to his assistance. Only he doesn’t count with the fact that the demon hears his every thought nonetheless. Rescued almost against his will, starving and reluctantly grateful, Adhemar quickly finds his resistance against Belial’s advances melting in the furnace of feeding and ardent coupling.
Immortality finally shows him its indulgent face as ecstasy dazzles him every night his alluring demon spirits him away for a torrid tryst. Mesmerized by Belial, he doesn’t even notice how much he learns about himself, dominance and submission during those hot nights.
Life is good but the words of an old divination laugh in the darkness: “If you give again more than you ever should, something you care about will die.”
Death of all hopes seems to be inevitable when jealousy leads Adhemar’s and Sanyi’s pleasure-boy Reyach in alliance with Archangel Endingale. Determined to destroy affection budding between Adhemar and Belial, resolved to bring his masters to final, endless sleep, Reyach becomes the tool of her vengeance, the tool that will fulfill the prophecy.
A vicious spell is cast and only the powers of love, loyalty and devotion can shatter the deadly trap to pieces. Will they? Who perishes? Who thrives? And who sacrifices for the only belief worth fighting and dying for?

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Wake Up to Shine - Full Size .jpegBook 5: Wake Up to Shine

Mortal playthings create only problems. But if your lover is Belial, the Prince of Trickery, the Lord of Lust and the Antilight, the chances that he will stop growing his collection of playthings are slim. Adhemar knows it, and the only way to win in this situation is to accept a bet that makes his stomach clench.
The stakes are high but so is the prize, and if he plays his cards well, he will show Belial what little allure mortals hold. Then his demon will resign his plays. Adhemar only needs to find two men with zero probability of falling in love with each other.
Charismatic, successful, and handsome music producer Sam Nuada. A bored dominant man cherishing an impossible ideal of an independent submissive. Modern gay BDSM isn’t the world for him. He doesn’t do contracts, safe words, and scenes. He isn’t clad in leather and despises collaring ceremonies. If he were a king, he would want his first knight. A man who would follow him willingly and at the same time would use his own wits in a tight situation.
Plain Rick Sherlan whose only alluring trait is his voice. A virgin with a strong desire to please and obey. If Sam were a king, Rick would be happy as his squire, as his servant boy. He would bend over backwards just to hear Sam’s satisfied purrs… if he weren’t plagued by an unhealthy addiction to seeking the longest, most dangerous, and least effective shortcuts to his goals. But it doesn’t matter. He doesn’t live a fantasy full of kings, knights, and pages. He lives a fairy tale… about the ugly duckling. Only in his version, the duckling never transforms into a beautiful swan.
But Love is the strangest god, and events set in motion by the bet, a quiet summer night on San Malo beach, an old song sung in a tenor of unearthly beauty, and one intense physical examination unfold in ways Adhemar would never have seen coming.
Sam takes Rick in hand quite literally, and the feedback he provides to his young charge is very physical in its nature. Domestic discipline rules, ideals blur, and hearts speak.
And when Adhemar’s own past and his longing for the stage kick in, when fascination with the affection between the two men creeps up on him, he is no longer so sure he will win the bet. Maybe, just maybe, it would be better to see Rick shine and win the Pop Star contest and Sam’s love.
Will he? And what role will Adhemar play in his fate?

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SweetPowerOverYou-PART1-300x450Book 6: Sweet Power Over You Part 1

The elven army is a stone’s throw from Dirum, a proud and dirty gate to the Baerzuri Sea. Its cauldron is long overdue for cleaning, and High Demon Belial is bored. It’s time for yet another of his plays in the mortal theater, and the cast he has carefully selected for his entertainment promises an intense experience. An elven deserter who is a warmblooded vampire, two runaway warlocks, and a eunuch forced to pretend he is a woman – these four men make colorful company. Each of them is plagued by his past, each of them harbors secrets, and each of them hopes to put his memories to sleep and start a new life in Blodwyn, the white city far behind the front lines.
Brought together by the High Demon’s machinations, they flee Dirum, but their journey to Blodwyn is lined with danger. First, they have to make it across the salt flats, then through the marshes surrounding the Afon River. There is only one ford where they can wade across the stream, and it’s guarded by the ancient ruins of Wadan and its hungry, angry, menacing spirits.
Will the fellowship survive all perils? Will they reach their destination? Will they keep their secrets intact or will circumstances force them to reveal them?
And how much will each of them sacrifice for a friend… and how much for a lover?

Store Links: The book is not available.

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